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Scroll bar within the Formula Bar

I would like to ask if its possible to add a scrollbar inside the formula bar. As App Markers build larger more complex formulas, we're forced to expand the formula bar by dragging the corner to navigate the formula or copy and paste the formula in unsupported tools. This causes a headache as these tools do not support PowerApp syntax and we only have so much room to drag the formula bar.
Having a scroll bar would help when navigating the formula. I love how PowerApps provide intellisence/suggestions within the formula bar, but at times this causes an issue. This usually happens when you interact with something that has options or PowerApps perceives there is an option.
I have a few other examples of reasons to have a scrollbar if you would like to talk through them.



Status: New
Advocate III

This would be so helpful! Also a full screen mode so there's more real estate to play around.

Advocate I

Yes Please!!! All this using the mouse wheel to move up and down in the formula area is killing my wrist!

Post Prodigy

In case you haven't seen it, @Anton_Robbins  @DRabon  @gsivasai , this exists in the experimental feature listed as "Enhanced formula bar".