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Searchable Drop-Down control

It'd be great to have a filterable/searchable dropdown. This tend to become necessairy when your dropdown list gets longer than 10-20 items.



A similar behaviour can be done with a seperate search box... but from a UI standpoint, this isn't as elegant as it tends to take a lot of screen real-estate.


A first step would be to let the dropdown read the keystrokes so it position itself to the proper item.

Status: Completed
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Thanks for replying so quickly.  How would i combine what you described with something similar to what I had in a search box?


TextSearchBox1_1.Field1 || TextSearchBox1_1.Text in Field2



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Hi @tianaranjo


What would you like to search? Would it be possible to upload pictures of the data and the screen that you are trying to build?

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I cannot upload photos but I will describe as best I can.  My columns are similar to:

Dept Acct           InspectionLocation1            Inspector


Dept Acct is limited with 10 choices.  These are what I would like as a choice option in the dropdown.  For the other columns, they can include numerous locationsand employees.  So, the user would also like to be able to search by typing in the box to find by InspectionLocation1 or Inspector.  Because these two fields will grow significantly over time, does not seem reasonable to include in a drop down (type) filter.  It would be easier to search by typing.  

Does that help?


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Hi Tianaranjo, 


Just to clarify, would you like to show IsnpectionLocation1 and Inspector in a gallery? Check below example:

Button to generate Data:





ComboBox Items: Table1


FIlter on Gallery:

Filter(Table1 , DeptAcct in ComboBox1.SelectedItems.DeptAcct)







Helper I
Helper I

if im using SQL for the source is there a way I can convert my data card to Combobox instead of dropdown? I cant see that option right now. Options showing are: Edit Text, Edit Multi-line Text, Allowed Values

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I convert mine manually.  Add a combobox and move references over.  Although having this natively would be nice.

Power Apps

If you unlock the datacard, (advanced properties panel on the right) you can manually delete and add controls to the card, and configure the control properties.  Is Multi-line text not using combo box though?

Advocate I

Nope, multi-line uses a text input.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi Filip, have you tried what you are suggesting? if yes please it would be nice to have some steps, as right now I dont see those controls under control properties.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi Bradamson, how did you move the reference?