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Searchable Video Vault

I made this app after seeing the PDF reader template. 


My app allows you to have a gallery of videos. The videos can be searched based on the metadata of each video. However, it also allows you to do a text search on the transcripts of each video and then pinpoint to the timeframe your search term was said. It allows for multiple hits with the option to narrow it down to your particular search term.


At work, we do training videos each week with most of them being about 1 or 2 hours. They are mandatory training, and you really don't want to miss them even if you had been on vacation. So what happens next, do you sit after you come back and go thru 1-2 hours long videos just to catch up on what you missed?. My app allows you to search that week's video and find the information you need and if you are not sure about what week your subject was showcased you can also do a Universal search that will let you search your entire gallery.


If anyone is interested in how I got this working, please let me know.


Alea iacta est!




Status: New