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Send PowerApps Application telemetry to Azure Application Insights

Hi, I am trying to find out a way where I can send my power apps telemetry data to application insights. I didn't find out any documentation or suport help. It would be a must have feature for any business apps.  Not sure if it's already in the pipeline or have some plan in future powerapps upgrade.

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Any updates on this?

Is there any way to monitor PowerApps/CDS in Azure Application Insights?

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any update on this.

I aslo have same requeriement.

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I was looking for this as well. +1


However if you are only looking for basic facts on your application usage/performance you can use in-build analytics in power apps portal.  Where you can check your data for the last 30 days.


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Inbuild analytics in power apps portal is pretty basic.


Is there any way that we can use this analytics to send alerts to the user when power apps performance reaches a certain threshold or powerapps is not available

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Mayby try this