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Send an email invitation to new users - default to false

When we share an app the default to automatically send an email to a user when the app is shared with them is true, so if I had a user they will automatically receive an email telling them that I've shared the app with them. 


In almost all cases, I untick this so that it doesn't send them an email. My request is to somehow change the setting so that tick box is not ticked, and I have to manually add it in order to send them an email. This is for the below cases:


  • A citizen developer might not understand what they are doing and they're used to sharing SharePoint sites with the entire company, which doesn't trigger an email, yet when they share an app for some reason they think everyone might want to use it eventually... this is never the case, but then everyone gets an email and lots of questions are raised.
  • I create an app, I want to share it now, yet don't want to inform people I've shared it until a later date.
  • I like to write a personal email with the link to the app rather than the template email and send that to the users.
  • Also if you have your screen resolution high or zoomed in, this field is actually off the screen when you're adding users, so you don't even see it to untick it.

If I could either set this at a tenant level, or even a personal level would be a success.



Status: New