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Send us your ideas for Employee Ideas app in Teams

Hi everyone,


As part of Ignite, we're introducing several prebuilt Power Apps designed specifically to work in Teams. These app are fully functional and you can customize them to fit the needs of your team.


One of these apps is called Employee ideas. It is a place where you can generate, vote upon, and organize ideas with members of your team.



You can install Employee ideas in Microsoft Teams' app store or you can also install and customize this apps inside Power Apps for Teams.


We look forward to seeing your ideas here on how to make this app better! 


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

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I had a look at the app and it looks really nice. I see that it can be tweaked using PowerApps for Teams. Will any documentation be made available to make tweaking easier?



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Can we make the employee responses anonymous?


How were you able to tweak it using powerapps for teams?

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Hi @JosephShum thanks for sharing. App is looking great, this is definitely something that can be used for our customers. 


I was testing the app and saw that the URL behind the question mark button, which is next to the cog wheels is referencing page "". When opening this page we get following error: "We are sorry, the page is forbidden".



Which licensing will be required for end-users using this app? (as the CDS is used)




Thanks, Rens_, for finding the broken link. Fixed now. For quick reference, you can visit the documentation here:

Yes, the app can be customized with Power Apps on Teams. 

Project Oakdale is included in most existing Teams licenses. you can read more about it here:

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@NitishM How do limit access on who can create campaigns and manage ideas?

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@umarnasir. We are planning on implementing Team Owner vs. Team Member functionality within the apps - to help focus and improve the user experience.

In the interim, you will be able to accomplish this within the app itself. However, Oakdale/Teams-based apps do not have the same security constructs as CDS. Meaning, all Members/Owners of the Team have full CRUD access to all tables in the Oakdale. I only mention this because while the app will (could) do it, the underlying tables will not have the same security.

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I've just been playing around with the App and it definitely has some great potential. Couple of enhancements I'd like to suggest:

  • Include the ability to upload an image for the Campaign cover image (rather than having to select from one of the pre-loaded images)
  • Provide users with the ability to edit their ideas once submitted
  • Provide some indication to the user that a file attached to an idea has been downloaded (currently, when the file is clicked it's downloaded in to the Downloads folder, but nothing in Teams indicates that anything has happened)

It would also be great to see a future enhancement that allows Campaigns to be created where employees have a restricted number of votes available to allocate to the Ideas in the Campaign.


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Is it possible to only have Team owners to add and edit campaigns and NOT the Team members?

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On the Employee Ideas app, on the Information screen, the URL behind the light-bulb "send us your ideas" button goes to i.e. the ideas page for the "Issue Reporting" app, rather than to this page (the ideas page for the "Employee Ideas" page)