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Send us your ideas for Employee Ideas app in Teams

Hi everyone,


As part of Ignite, we're introducing several prebuilt Power Apps designed specifically to work in Teams. These app are fully functional and you can customize them to fit the needs of your team.


One of these apps is called Employee ideas. It is a place where you can generate, vote upon, and organize ideas with members of your team.



You can install Employee ideas in Microsoft Teams' app store or you can also install and customize this apps inside Power Apps for Teams.


We look forward to seeing your ideas here on how to make this app better! 


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

Status: New
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After creating & saving a Campaign, attempting to then edit the Campaign and change the End Date of the Campaign - attempting to then save changes gives an error - "Value must be between 0 and 100".
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To make this app really useful it would be great to add idea evaluation and analytics:



  1. Set up customized evaluation criteria
  2. Appoint subject matter experts as evaluators depending on specific topics
  3. Evaluate and prioritize all random ideas that are not belong to a champion, based on evaluation criteria
  4. Evaluate and prioritize all ideas under a champion, based on champion specific criteria



  1. Participation and other user activities
  2. Ideas/ projects under different stages
  3. Evaluation results analysis
  4. Portfolio analysis
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This is very promising application @JosephShum and we are evaluating launching it in our organisation as it now is GA as part of Dataverse for Teams.

Our own users are giving us the same feedback as @Ferg: that it is necessary to provide users with the ability to edit their ideas once submitted. End-user adoption of the application seems tough if not, that's what we experience on our side.

Thanks and keep up the good work! 
Cheers, Magnus 

New Member

Useful app but where is the data?


Hunting through pages for ideas and responses is clunky when you want to summarise and review, is there a data export or ability to get to the data?

New Member

How can I modify the language localization? It seems I can't modify the collections where this is stored

New Member

We are also getting an error when trying to send a long enough end date on a campaign or editing existing end date. Error is "Value must be between 0 and 100". I have combed through the app config trying to find the source of this error to modify it but cannot locate it. Can you point me in the right direction or provide an updated app so we can continue trying to use it? It is exactly what we are looking for if we can get it to work! Thank you!

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It would be wonderful if the team could set up a campaign and share it with (via a link or email) with the entire organization (including employees who are on the team) to get their ideas, suggestions and upvotes. @JosephShum is that possible at the moment?

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I second @eniseron and @DavidLow 's comments.  We need a way to export or connect to the data for reporting.  It would also be beneficial to be able to share a campaign with other users, teams, and maybe external recipients.  

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@JosephShum Is there a way to add this to a SharePoint site? 

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I am able to attach items, but I can't open or view them from anywhere. Is anyone else having trouble with attachments on this app?


Update: I am able to download these files on the web version of Teams. But they don't open at all in desktop Teams.