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Send us your ideas for Employee Ideas app in Teams

Hi everyone,


As part of Ignite, we're introducing several prebuilt Power Apps designed specifically to work in Teams. These app are fully functional and you can customize them to fit the needs of your team.


One of these apps is called Employee ideas. It is a place where you can generate, vote upon, and organize ideas with members of your team.



You can install Employee ideas in Microsoft Teams' app store or you can also install and customize this apps inside Power Apps for Teams.


We look forward to seeing your ideas here on how to make this app better! 


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

Status: New
New Member

Is there any update on how we can export the idea data?

New Member

I've created a workflow in Automate that reads the tables where the ideas are stored and copies them to a sharepoint list... if that can be of any help

New Member



is it possible that an employee can edit his posted idea?

Would be a great feature 😃 



New Member

How do you close an idea without deleting the idea ?

How do you report on idea submission using Power BI ? 

Regular Visitor

Hello! Is it possible to allow users to submit ideas without needing a Power Apps license?

New Member

Great potential in thi app - I am introducing it in my organisation. A few limitations have been noted, though. Would be great to solve the following: 


  • Cannot export data into Excel 😞
  • Users want to categorise their ideas using custom labels like in Outlook or MS Project, and then would like to group ideas by labels. E.g. 'related to client request' label
  • I would like to see insights beyond one week, e.g. 'top ideas this month'
  • Cannot edit an idea once it is submitted (but I can edit a campaign?!)
New Member

I really want to use this, but I really need an 'anonymous' option where users can submit ideas, feedback, etc without concern of it being tied to their ID/name.


any consideration of this having a tick-box or something where the user can submit the idea form anonymously?




To the ones who asked, here is how to export the ideas

New Member

Hi,  here's my wishlist.


Do you have any idea on when newer versions of this tool will be available?


Campaign management:

  1. Allow to assign one or many champions to a given campaign – with privilege to update campaign specifics.  Champions would be assigned by Teams site owner.
  2. Allow to set evaluation criteria for campaigns
  3. Be able to set values for drop-down options on an idea question (Pre-set possible answers)


Evaluation of the idea:

  1. Idea submitter or champion can edit the submitted idea (currently locked)
  2. Add the ability to set status on an idea (i.e. New, Need more info, Rejected, Approved, Submitted)- To be updated by campaign champion only
  3. Add a comment field along with a status update to track the detail along with the status change.
  4. Be able to filter the view of a campaign based on idea status


  1. Have the ability to export “approved” ideas to other Office 365 tools (i.e. SharePoint list, Planner, etc.) to move to analysis/execution phase. Once exported, the idea status would change to “Submitted”.



  1. Be able to easily report on each user activity:
    1. Number of ideas submitted and their status
    2. Number of votes and comments