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Send us your ideas for Inspection app in Teams

Hi everyone,


As part of Ignite, we're introducing several prebuilt Power Apps designed specifically to work in Teams. These app are already fully functional and you can customize them to fit the needs of your team.


One of these apps is called Inspection. It is an app in which you can create checklist style inspections, and perform them digitally with the ability to take notes and pictures.




You will be able to install Inspection in Microsoft Teams' app store or you can also install and customize this apps inside Power Apps for Teams.


We look forward to seeing your ideas here on how to make this app better! 


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

Status: New
New Member

Can we have an option to make the the employee ideas app responses anonymous.


Can we edit these apps in powerapps or no?

Resident Rockstar

@mirm1 while this may be possible within the app (at least from a visibility perspective), the security model of the new Teams-based Oakdale apps will allow all Team members to view all records, in all tables. Once they are familiar with the table viewing/editing functionality, they would be able to see the user who created each record. I would not expect anonymous responses to be supported.

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Hi, I want to extract the data into powerbi but can’t see a way of doing this and also how do I create a notification through power automate? I can see the inspection & manage app in my powerapps app but can’t edit or view the source or output, any ideas?

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Hi Joseph, 


I am unable to use this application in canada, is there any specific reason? I would appreciate any help in getting this up and running for my self and my team. Thanks in advance !

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Once an inspection is completed using this App and reviewed, we need a way to print to PDF the completed check list report from TEAMS. The printed format should have all steps, the status of each step, and any photos or comments made for each step. Without having a way to get this information out of TEAMS and into our Governed Records Library we will never be able to use this tech.

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Can this app be used in SharePoint online?

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We are using the Inspection app for audits at a manufacturing site. 


Feature requests: 

- Allow customization of the Review Inspection - Audit Insight tables. We would like to see what checklist items reoccur over time 

- Provide an option to save the inspection results in a document file (for external auditing documentation)

- Allow tab hiding or provide customization to allow restrictions to which users can see/change manage inspections or review inspections (versus just the team owner). 

- Allow for a cleaner bullet point view of Checklist step Instructions and make them easier to view on the Inspection forms 

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Hi i am using the inspection app but i have guests on the team, they have access to press the begin audit button but they cant perform the audit, because it says they dont have any audit form, can guests perform audits? if yes, can you please let me know what can i do to give them access? tks 

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We need to be able to get back and finish all incomplete inspections. There is no functionality for this even though the Review Inspections tab shows 'Incomplete' inspections.... we should be able to complete the checklist so that it can be passed to the Review status without having to start a whole new Inspection. 


Any user in the team should be able to pick up an incomplete inspection checklist item. 

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Once and Inspection is completed by the inspection user; if it has an issue is shows up as an issue, but you can not see what the issue is or view any notes if a note has been added. 


When you review an inspection with an issue the review inspection shows 0 for issues. Can these things be corrected? 


We also need a way to print and/or save/export the inspection as preformed by the inspection user. With out these features this is useless, as our industry requires hard copies for audit purposes.