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Send us your ideas for Issue reporting app in Teams

Hi everyone,


As part of Ignite, we're introducing several prebuilt Power Apps designed specifically to work in Teams. These app are already fully functional and you can customize them to fit the needs of your team.


One of these apps is called  Issue reporting. It is a place where you can generate, vote upon and organize ideas with members of your team.



You will be able to install Issue reporting in Microsoft Teams' app store or you can also install and customize this apps inside Power Apps for Teams.


We look forward to seeing your ideas here on how to make this app better! 


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

Status: New
New Member

Hi team,


The data in the Issue Reporting tab is not displaying in the proper dimensions. I think the application is compressing the format and it doesn't look right.

Where could I report that problems?



New Member

Hi @JosephShum,


I have configured the Image storage correctly with link to sharepoint site but images are not uploaded to Sharepoint or attached to Planner cases. I'm using the Windows app. The images are present in "Issue Report Photos" table, but I'm unable to view them properly anywhere. How to debug this?




Marius Gundersen

New Member

Is the Issues Reporting app (or other PowerApps) available on Teams mobile for Android? I set up the Issues Reporting app and can see the tabs in Teams for Windows, Web, iOS and iPad, but can't see any of the PowerApp tabs in Teams for Android.




New Member

Hi, very nice app!

I have however one issue.

After installing Issue reporting in a team channel, it is not possible to enter the URL for Image storing.
It says "URL must include" but my URL is ""


Thanks Magnus

Advocate I

Hi and thanks for developing this great app. @JosephShum 

Though, the automatic assignment of the Planner tasks does not work in the latest version of the app (it worked fine in the preview version).

We get the following error message:

"Planner.AssignUsers failed: { "error": { "code": "", "message": "The requested item is not found.", "innerError": { "date": "2020-12-16T16:57:31", "request-id": "ec2e3e97-3b40-47bc-87fe-f8353a5adb04", "client-request-id": "ec2e3e97-3b40-47bc-87fe-f8353a5adb04" } } }."

The task gets created in the Planner plan, no problem. 

We have tried to instal the app in new Teams and in other tenants, too, but with the same result. So I gather that it has to do with the app itself, and not our configurations.

So my question is: any news on when this (possible) bug could be fixed? 🙂

Thanks, Magnus 

New Member

It would be super duper awesome if you could separate the front line and management elements of this. I want to put the "Report Issue" app somewhere all staff can reach it, but keep the rest just for the eyes of the IT team only. Is that possible?

New Member

Thanks for the help, i got the app working on my tenant absolutely fine and since it is based on channels is there any way to package it and push it as a pinned app in left pane separately to users organization wide?

New Member

Thanks for the great app "Milestones".


It's exactely what we were looking for !


But we would like to create a template/model, reusable or integreted for any new team. Any idea ?


Thanks !

New Member

Hi @JosephShum . I just started testing Bulletins with my team, and I noticed I cannot remove the sample company data from "Contoso" company (e.g. employee, website link). Can you please share how to remove it? Thanks!

New Member
Add import button and have capability to import tasks from MS Planner to Milestones.