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Serverside Sharepoint Integration - Bug with security roles


Major problem with Spring Relase and new server based SharePoint Integration (CRM Online). After updating to the new component users can no longer see the documents. The button on the navbar is missing. Roles were not changed and admin can still see it. Using advanced find i can still see the document locations.

It is about the security roles: Here is how to produce the issue: Assign a STANDARD-Role (eg "Marketingmanager") to a user. He/she will see the serverside Sharepoint Document Integration. Then copy the role, naming it "Marketingmanager TEST". Integration still works. Now apply ANY change and save to the role, even changing the name to "Marketingmanager TEST_1" will do. The user will no longer see the SP Integration.

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Hi, I also noticed this issue and found that if you use the XRMToolBox's 'Role Updater', if you assign global read privilege on the 'SharePoint Document' entity, the issue is resolved. Unfortunately, this privilege is hidden so it cannot be set via the user interface - MS need to address that. As a side note, the 'Documents' tile changes its name when this new functionality is activated from navDocument to navSPDocuments. If you have any jscript (written in a supported way I may add!) to show/hide the tile, the script will break/need updating. Rob
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Thanks Rob for that hint. I can reproduce that after editing the role, these privileges that have been there before get lost. I'm on it with a MS support engineer.
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Question:  are you using a Canvas app for working with SharePoint docs?  If you're using a model-driven app, could you elaborate on how you are managing Document Management settings in your Dynamics environment?