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Session Expired fix

On more than one occasion I have been inturrupted by a popup that says "Session expired." I have never once seen a popup that said my session was about to expire, only that it has already done so.

Today, it did so immediately upon clicking the save button; before the save finished!


Session Ended Error.png

The main problem is that both "Resume this session" and "Start a new session" result in the app editor reloading, which loses all data since last save. I am actually unsure as to why there is an option to choose one or the other when they are both the same.


I propose that this popup instead have the options "Save and start a new session" and "Start a new Session". 


Please help me prevent future loss of work. Please let me save my changes before you force a restart.

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I surprised that this is not being followed up.


What happened?

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@PytByt I even opened a ticket, but since I cannot make this happen on command, they couldn't do anything about it. It has happened many more times since I posted this. I turned autosave on to combat the data loss, but ironically sometimes the autosave feature gets stuck and crashes powerapps as well. That seems to happen if it tries to autosave when I am in the middle of typing something and the function it is trying to evaluate is long, like a couple hundred lines of code. I suppose PowerApps is not yet equipped to handle that.

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I have the exact same thing. And it happened more often than you thing. 


This is cant be always happening mate.


Summon the admin please.

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We have the same issue during the cope of screen with a lot controls. Any updates?

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@AndreiP the only thing that worked for me was, unfortunately, to break the large app I was working on into two smaller apps. Not ideal, but it did make these messages stop (and also stopped the autosave from crashing my browser) 

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I currently have the same problem and haven't found a solution yet. Aren't eager to split up the app into two smaller apps..


It happens every time I am adjusting the width of some controls.

Kind regards,

Felix V.