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Set Deny permissions when Sharing PowerApps

Currently within the 'share' function there is only an option to allow access (Use or as Co-Owner) to a PowerApp.


I propose that we have the functionality to Deny specific users access to a PowerApp.


Use Case:
We want to share an App with the entire organisation except for (x) users.

Reasons for this could be:

  1. They are an intern or some other job function where they should not be able to view this app/data yet.
  2. They are being restricted access to certain Apps/Data due to an ongoing audit, investigation or litigation.
  3. They are external users that we have set up and added to our domain and given a license to in order to access one specific PowerApp, but we have other PowerApps in the business that we have shared with the entire organisation that we don't want them to access due to data privacy concerns.


My thought is that users/admins shouldn't have to add 50k+ users manually to each App excluding a small number of users (and then have to maintain that list of users) when we should have this functionality as an option when sharing an App - this would then allow us to use 'Everyone in Company Name' which automatically updates to include anyone who joins/leaves while still denying specific users access.


Any thoughts or comments are welcome,



Status: New