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Set key-value and display-value to dropdown control items.

In the case of an existing database where foreignkeys are used. It is required to be able to set the display-value the items of a dropdown-box so the ID is used to set the value of a field but the Description is used to display a user-friendly display-name.



Person-table {PersonID, PersonName, GenderID}

Gender-table {GenderID, GenderLabel}


The items property of the dropdown for Person.GenderID will be [Gender]

the value-property for Items will be GenderID, but I need a Display-value property to set the GenderLabel so the user does not see the Identifier, but he sees the GenderLabel

Status: New
New Member

This feature is a must-have, I had to concat the name and id, and then parse the id in our rest API. I don't want to rely on matching strings basically.