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Set tablet and phone screen focus when selecting elements in the app

So you know how the screen's view changes on some phone and tablet apps when you select say a textbox with your finger? Your screen's focus changes and zooms in on the textbox to better aid in typing after selecting it with your thumb.


It would be awesome to add that, and heres how a powerapp developer could control the way the screen shifts after an element in your app is selected.


In the insert tab of the powerapp IDE, add a tool that says, "set screen focus", when you click it, your mouse turns to a pencil icon and you draw a square (exactly how you draw squares in PowerPoint click, hold, and drag). Now the boarder of the square represents the edge of the screen's view after the user then selects this element. That way when a person using my app selects a textbox to type, they get a nice dynamic view that really makes the app a lot more user friendly!

Status: New