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Set the default value of a managed metadata field

It would be nice to be able to set a default value for a managed metadata field on a customized SharePoint list form.

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Any update since nearly 2 Years?

Super User

Hi @NightKing,

I don't know if the Power Apps team did something since then, but I am able now to set default value for managed metadata fields.

Here is how to do it...

When you insert a datacard in your form for a managed metadata field, the Items value for the dropdown list is as follow:


So, if you want, let's say, to set a default value to your managed metadata field, do it by putting a formula like this one in the DefaultSelectedItems property of the dropdown list:

If(SharePointForm1.Mode = FormMode.New; LookUp(Choices([@Bills].scVehicule); Label="308") ; Parent.Default)

Just replace the "308" value with the label of the term you want to set as a default value.

Hope this helped.

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Thanks, this seems working, except i must use comma instead of semicolon in the formula.

But i guess, that this wont work with similar Labels in a hierarchical Termset-Tree: 



- Finance

 -- Admin

 -- Account


 -- Admin


 -- Account

Super User

LOL... I knew you were going to ask about hierarchical term sets... 😁

So, for hierarchical you simply need to specify the path to the term like this:

If(SharePointForm1.Mode = FormMode.New; LookUp(Choices([@Bills].scVehicule); Path="Finance" && Label="Admin") ; Parent.Default)

And if you had more sublevels in your hierarchy, you should specify the path value this way:


Tell me if this works for you. I've just tested it on my side and it works fine. 

Advocate III

fantastic approach!