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Set the focus to a field

**** UPDATE ****

A similar idea from July 2017 has recently been updated to under review - you can CLICK HERE to find out more. 



Apologies for the repetition but the original post for the request seems to have disappeared and I am unable to find any progress on this by Microsoft.


I and a number of others have asked for the ability to set the cursor focus to a field. For example, when a new window opens we can tell the cursor to position itself in field 'x' ready to receive input, instead of the user having to press or click on the field before they can start entering data.


For a barcode application, this would work like so: End-user opens the app, which places the cursor in a field of our choice (in this case the TextSearchBox', and immediately scans a barcode, which then goes into the 'TextSearchBox' and activates a lookup. The user then clicks on a button to accept or reject the data from the lookup, and the cursor is sent back to the 'TextSearchBox' for the next scanned data.


Without this, the user first has to click on the textsearchbox to enable the data to be entered, then they scan the data and choose the accept or reject button. But before they can scan the next barcode they have to click on the searchbox again in order to allow the application to accept data. 





Status: Completed
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So, I created an app for recording shrink in my company with a physical handheld barcode scanner. For it to be completed, I need the SetFocus() formula to toggle the keyboard when the user saves the data for each item, that way the scanning process is continuous. 


Here the user already scanned the item:

Annotation 2019-10-17 .png

Ideally, when they press one of the three reasons ( which are Buttons), sets focus on the UPC text field and triggers the keyboard, but nothing happens:

Annotation 2019-10-17 mm .png

This device I'm using is iOS. Do you think this can be fixed?

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Marking this "Completed" doesn't seem quite right. "Partially Implemented' would be more accurate. The SetFocus feature is still limited. What about DatePicker controls in particular? The text field in a datepicker control needs support from this feature just as badly.

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I checked this functionality today in SharePoint integrated New/Edit forms by adding SetFocus in OnVisible property of FormScreen and seems like this is working, but as per Microsoft documentation this is not yet supported in EditForms. Can someone confirm this?