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Share PowerApps with Office 365 Groups

Could we get the ability to Share a PowerApp with an Office 365 Group?  


Currently you can select individual Users, or Everyone.  But sometimes Apps are built for specific Teams.  These teams already manage their members in an O365 Group via a MS Team or SharePoint .  


Would be a mighty shame for them to have to input data more than once 😉

Status: Completed

You can find out how to share an app with an Office 365 group here:

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Can't believe it is necessary for us to even raise this.  This should be a basic requirement!


Come on Microsoft get your act together

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Yeah it is a bit odd that sharing within MS products isn't uniform. 

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its crazy this option is not available for end users! you would think that you could use any group you created accross any service for any service but no you cant do that! arrrrrhhh


what you have to do like i am doing for a client is re-architecting the enviroment so that sharepoint and any other service works like on prem. You use AAD to create the groups/dynamic groups and any service references these security groups. This is not outlined in the documents but should be! For my clients they think that you can just add users to any service becuase once the licence is gone they wont have access but it goes much further than that like this instance. 


My advice is use AAD only to create groups that contains users (centrally managed), any service inherits these groups like sharepoint. A good example is a locked down sharepoint site for managers and a powerapp/flow tool intergrated only for them. The managers list is constantly changing so having it centrally managed in AAD is the right way and should be for all other services/users. Having users direct in SP groups in my eyes is a big NO!

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As a GCC user our tenant has all agencies under one tennacy. This makes it super hard to share apps with just my agency. Adding 100+ users to an app takes too much time when you have to do them one by one. 


Being able to share apps across office 365 groups is a must.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

This is currently planned

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I find it ridiculous that this isnt created yet for the GCC. How are we suppose to manage 100+ People everytime across multiple apps

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Is there an update on this on an estimate of when this will be implemented? Thanks


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Ben Fetters

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Any update?  SharePoint already support O365 Groups.

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Is it possible to have a Road map for this topic. Or is the AAD security the only solution


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@EvanChakiMSFT, do you have an ETA on this?


According to this post, this currently under development, not "planned". Any information would greatly be appreciated!