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Share PowerApps with Office 365 Groups

Could we get the ability to Share a PowerApp with an Office 365 Group?  


Currently you can select individual Users, or Everyone.  But sometimes Apps are built for specific Teams.  These teams already manage their members in an O365 Group via a MS Team or SharePoint .  


Would be a mighty shame for them to have to input data more than once 😉

Status: Completed

You can find out how to share an app with an Office 365 group here:

Power Apps

We will have an update on this and a doc site on how to enable Team groups in the sharing panel in early 2020.  If you create an Office group from the Azure portal today you will be able to add members to it and it will show up in the sharing panel. 

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started
Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

You can find out how to share an app with an Office 365 group here:

Advocate II

@alaugMSFT, worked for me.  Thank you very much for following up!! 

Power Apps

@RyanXExner - Great to hear. Thanks for reporting!

Advocate IV

yep, thank you very much MS!  

Advocate I

I personally don't think this is Completed.  Most of the people in my organisation that build apps do not have access to the Azure portal or any other method to update security groups without having to submit a formal IT request, go though countless levels of justification, approvals and expense so end up having to individually apply access person by person for each app.  This can sometimes run into hundreds of people and dozens of apps.  

Helper V

@alaugMSFT, I agree with @RobH1 on this regarding this feature request's status. App Makers shouldn't need to be Admins/submit requests to admins to share with groups, especially in light of the integration with Teams and the organic vision Microsoft has cast for Teams.

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There can be a possibility that one need to share some Power App to some group of people and other Power App to other group. And what if each of group consist 300 to 400 people ? Do one need to share for an individual since there is no group sharing ? One cant use 'Everyone' here in this situation ?