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Share an app with an office 365 group

I've tried the preview version as per this suggestion:


However I'm sill told I can't share with this type of group.

Obviously a distribution list isn't a security group - but surely you can simply enumerate all users in the group and then add them individually to the share-list?


Even the outlook add-members-to-group function allows you to copy/paste a whole bunch of users and then select them one-by-one.  Not ideal, but still better than typing each name individually.


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Status: Completed

You can find out how to share an app with an Office 365 group here:

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With groups being at the center of everything theses days, sharing an app with a group would be really helpful.

Especially since we can now embbed the app in SharePoint and Teams, etc, having to share the App's permissions separately is a bit of a pain


We can always share with the whole organization.

If a user doesn't have a valid connection to the underlying data, no harm will come to the world, but it won't take long for the envrionment to be completely cluttered with this sledgehammer approach


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Shareing a PowerApp with an O365 Group is a big plus! Example, you create an MS Teams Team. This creates an O365 Group. You create an PowerApp for using in the MS Teams Team in the Ribbon.


So, the owner of the MS Teams Team manages the members of the MS Teams Team and they are automatically added to the O365 Group and can now use the PowerApp.


Today, you have to manage the Users in MS Teams AND in PowerApp Sharing...



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With the ubiquitous/pervasive nature of Groups in O365, NOT being able to share PowerApps with them is a serious flaw and hindrance to adoption. Since we can now share Flows with Groups, hopefully this functionality will be available in PowerApps soon.

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I'll upvote this. Small and midsize organizations are using O365 Groups to do a lot of the provisioning work that used to be done in AD security groups. It only makes sense that Groups would be supported for user management in the entire suite of O365 apps. In my current situation (the reason I came looking to see if this were possible) I've created a Group to permission access to the SharePoint site I'm using as a data store for the PowerApp. The users are using the same group in Teams, Flow and Planner for collaboration. BUT, I have to manage membership for the PowerApp separately.

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Wow...totally shocked that you can't share a Powerapp with an O365 group. That makes no sense whatsoever!


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Status changed to: Planned

This is planned on our long-term roadmap, however I don't yet have a release date estimation. We appreciate your patience as we work toward extending capabilities in this area.



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Thank you, @Audrie-MSFT! I hope this doesn't take that long to implement. AD is under a pretty tight lock-and-key in our place, so just getting groups set up, let alone maintaining them, is a real pain. If the goal is to put the power into the hands of the people, permissioning apps to unified groups is an absolute must.

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WOW!  In shock that no Office 365 Group support.  I was told by our Certified support company that ALL Microsoft 365 products SUPPORT office 365 Groups.  This is very concerning that a product through the office 365 portal doesn't support it's own Group function. So I am also confused.  I hope Planned means soon - I have a lot of names to add now. 

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Until Microsoft get this glaring omission resolved you can set up a similarly named security group and work around it using a Flow as follows:

  1. Recurrence trigger (or something else if you prefer)
  2. Get members of your security group 
  3. Apply to each member of that group
    1. Remove member from group
  4. List users of your O365 group
  5. Apply to each user of O365 group
    1. Add user to security group

Then just share your App to the security group and use whatever recurrence schedule you need...I run mine nightly.


Crazy that we have to do this but hopefully this workaround wil help some folk.

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Sharing with a large population of users is hell.

Creating specific AAD Security groups for sharing purpose is NOT an option.

App makers are supposed to be Business people, not AAD administrators.


I hope this feature will come soon, this is a blocker for adoption in large companies.