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Share apps with Acitve Directory Groups

Now, we are just able to share apps with users adresses or O356 groups. For large companies it would be very useful to share to Active Directory groups.

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Power Apps

Hi ktech, you can already share canvas apps to an AAD security group today. Is it not working for you? Or were your request for supporting AAD security group specific to model-driven apps? 

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 Sorry, You're right ! my AD group were on "distribution" type, it must be on "security group to share.



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Well, if you want to have SQL connector because your app is looking up database thorugh gateway, then it becomes impossible to share it with AD security group (othewrise functional in Share Point) because permissions on SLQ connector are not propagated  to members of the group - "implicity shared " option. Additionally if you have a custom SQL view and intend to share it that way , it will not work either. This is where I give up.

If sharing though Share Point works fine using same AD groups, why is it that Power App with SQL connector is not behaving ?