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Share ownership of Dataflows (previous Data integration projects) with multiple people

Currently a CDS Dataflow can have only one owner - the person who created the dataflow.

If you use this technique to get data into CDS on a schedule you want to be able to share the ownership with multiple people, like you do with Apps and Flows. 


Please add the ability to share ownership.

Please add the ability for environment admins to see all Dataflows in their environment.

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Until this is added, DataFlows should never be used in a production environment.  For scheduled DataFlows the creator of the script is now on-call 24/7/365 as the only person who can troubleshoot or fix issues.  


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Really?!  I didn't even know this was the case.  I'm currently developping a small "warehouse" to store students notes from their lat exams.  I was certain that after packaging my solution as "managed" and uploading in to Production the dataflows would be accessible to everyone in the env. 😞


I'm going to test that for sure!

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@Rebetcha It looks like some of this request is currently available. As an environment admin, I can now see "All Dataflows" and can change the owner to another user. This still leaves the gap of team ownership, but at least we can change the owner. 




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@ChadAlt Thanks for the tip!  I can work with that! 🙂


I know security people don't like generic accounts (which could be a workaround to give access to an entire team) but I still beleive that creating a system account, managed by IT is acceptable.  So once in production it would be ok for the system account to own the ETL (dataflows) procedures.


Though I still agree with @Rebetcha that the "share" feature should be available since it's already implemented for flows.