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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Beyond stupid, or simply a money grab? If you’re a university or other organization with significant external users, are you supposed to purchase licenses and register every single person who is a guest user of your site? What exactly is the point of this restriction microsoft?
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"This is planned as a initial product enhancement for external SharePoint users."

- July 2017


So, as we approach July 2018, I believe everyone here is wondering; WTF?


Looking back over the past decade, is this really that surprising? SharePoint has always been a lame duck of sorts, a glass half full. Heres modern SharePoint, we've stripped away half the functionality and taken away the ability to work around our shortcomings with javascript. Heres PowerApps, you can make a shopping list app for grandma but its too disfunctional for corporate clients. Heres Forms, you can make a poll about everyone's favorite color, yay! So... very... lame...


Perhaps they should spend less money on marketing, more on competent developers, and get rid of any bean counters in management positions that would make these kind of decisions. Hahahahaha, yeah, right. Its more likely I will gain magical abilities to shoot rainbows out of my butt.



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Microsoft supports their ISV community 🙂

Seriously the SharePoint, OneDrive and PowerSuite Team do an AMAZING job and they ship features at a velocity that we weren't used to from Microsoft in the past.

Even with all the budget of this world and the top talented developers, you still have to prioritize features and pick the ones that don't bring risks. If at the beginning PowerApps was intended to be used only inside the organization, then this might require a reingeneering of the core architecture and this cannot be done overnight.


Please don't use these forums to set out your frustration. What would make more sense is to post your use case scenarios.


Happy Friday from Switzerland 🙂

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Technically it does work. When external users access your site page which has a powerapps form they will be informed they require a license and have the opportunity to pay $7 for the right to use said form. Problem solved, brilliant!
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Microsoft needs to do this before Google does with App Maker! 

Power Automate

@bschoeni Thank you for your comments. 



This feature is planned, and the quote is still accurate.

"This is planned as a initial product enhancement for external SharePoint users."

- July 2017


I will update the status as it approaches release.


Thank you for your patience, and feedback,


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I recently purchased Office 365 after discussing the product with a Microsoft sales person. I specifically asked if I could create an app for my staff to use without purchasing a licence for each person. Our staff come and go and some only are with us for a few weeks. I was told that anyone could use the app if they are only entering text into fields and not actually editing the app. He told me anyone could be sent the app to use (like customers etc) but only the licenced person can create and edit the app. I was also told that I could create the app through Access Web App!!! PFFT, after searching online why the web app template isn't in my version I find out that this function was removed completely.

Clearly I was lied to and I would like my money back, you can take 365 back I don't want it. I was quite happy with my office 2013 because all I use are spread sheets and the occasional word doc. Now I have this massive complex program for a company with 12 staff, only 2 of which are administration while the rest are tradesmen. I was promised a holy grail to my current situation only to find it doesn't exist. I am absolutely furious. Microsoft just want money and don't care at all about people. 

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same request 

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I don't see why this can't be rolled out immediately. Sooo many Microsoft products that seem revolutionary end up having these limitations that make the entirety of the solution useless. So dissapointing. It seems like every new product is aimed at neutralizing competitors, building dependency on Microsoft, and otherwise trying to create a justification for using Microsoft products other than "because they are the best."

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@Anonymous Cannot agree more unfortunately. Good example is "MS Stream". All great but doesn't have external sharing, requires a license to use (our "Exchange online" licensed users cannot use it).