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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Please start will allowing guests on Office365 groups and teams to use the apps with data on sharepoint lists or cds.

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I have to use Jotform, or CognitoForms, and then Zappier to data into Sharepoint. Once in Sharepoint, I have to basically duplicate the same form and add more fields. It is just too much effort when I could just publish the PowerApp form to external users and ingest the data back into SP.

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We would like to allow our subtractors to interact with our company data using PowerApps. I have purchased a PowerApps license for one of our subcontractors but he still cannot access PowerApps becuase he is "not inside our organization".  Interestingly, he has an E3 subscription as well with his own employer. I added him as a guest so that he can use single sign on (doesn't have to manage two microsoft accounts with two separate passwords).


Since the above use case scenario is not supported, I will have to create a separate account for this subcontractor inside our organization. This is not the end of the world, but it sure seems like a messy work around.


I would like to hear from MS an update on this subject to know what to expect in the future. It will change our application development strategy in terms of which tools we choose.


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I really need external and anonymous access to be released ASAP, it is just holding our horses here.

I can't believe I am reading comments from 2016 and nothing has happened, ever.

Any hint about this going to be implemented and, if so, when?

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I know the feel @luis_brenes

The speed of development is a recurring complaint about Powerapps. It's worrisome to see a thread going for years without significant progress...

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A pitty, @WPB


I am already testing Rackforms to fill the gap. Powerapps will be used for small internal projects, but no more than that. If they ever fix that, I may reconsider coming back to it, if I am not too far ahead with other solution.



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This would be an invaluable feature for a solution we have been asked to develop. The process would require capture of information from staff having system / domain accounts, but also those that haven't. Therefore, the ability to populate the form without login / anonymously would lend itself to this scenario.


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Such a pity that such a powerful tool is being stifled this way.  It reminds me of Apple back in the 80's when they were keeping everything internal.  Not being able to use this outside of our organization limits the effectiveness.  


I hate to have to go elsewhere but I'll be scrolling through the comments to see if I can find a good alternative for when we have an external need for the app - which will be coming sooner than later.

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For anyone looking for a cost effective replacement of InfoPath with the ability to share with external users (users invited to your tenant) you should consider Sintel Forms For SharePoint. It's completely free for up to 2 forms. It's also worth noting that at the end of this month Sintel Forms For SharePoint will also support Anonymous Forms meaning that you can host links to your forms on any website and any user (without access to your tenant) can submit them. Anonymous forms can be secured with a captcha and users submitting them won't know the url to or have acces to your tenant.


Eoin McMahon - Sintel