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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Seriously, this whole Microsoft PowerApps is turning into a Major disappointment.


To allow us to utilise this product, it is a must that external users, who don't have a Microsoft account can easily interact on our solution. They will have their own business email address and ideally, be required to create a password. Yes, this is Account management, but since every other Provider of online collaborative Software allows Externals to be registered as Users (without charge). They just need a unique email address and we're set.


Come back to me when you have this sorted this and I might buy 30-70 licences for our staff.

You'd better be fast, as we are deciding by end of year.

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Doesnt look like this is ever going to happen. MS should just put InfoPath & IFS in Open Source and let somebody else come up with a solution.

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I am not sure why InfoPath is going away; there are still so many advantages over PowerApps at this point.

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pjk - really!

I can understand why they want code off the SP servers, but we should have the option to use an on prem server (or other server/container...whatever) for  the IPFS part. Kind of like what you need for a SP App anyway!!!

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When is the PLANNED feature going to be released?

Usability of the Product was NOT thought out at all.

Web accessible apps that are limited to my own Org, really?


We need persons without Microsoft accounts to be added to a site as Externals!

And they need to be given a username and password. Anything less is a joke.



Power Apps

External access is definitely on our roadmap, starting with enabling sharing to users in another AAD tenant. Please look for more details in our April release note, soon to be released. 

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Will guest access include the ability access the CDS?  Assuming this will be build on AAD B2B? 

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Update: Our product Sintel Forms For SharePoint now supports Anonymous Forms meaning any user with the link can submit a form without even being logged into Office 365. Might be worth checking it out - 


Eoin McMahon - Sintel

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I am not going to build anymore powerapps until I can share it with anyone i want - what a waste of time i have spent in this so far...

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned



1. External access for PowerApps Customized Forms in SharedPoint List: we have been working to unblock this scenario but discovered additional work along the way. Approximately, we are looking at the first quarter of 2019 for this to work.


2. For external access all up: we aim to enable that as part of our 2019 roadmap. It maynot be a nice white-glove service at the beginning but will support the need. Stay tune and hope to share more updates in the new year.