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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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same request.

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SAME REQUEST - WHERE did you THINK PowerApps developers & powerusers were going to go with this when you created this functionality and claimed it was a "replacement" for InfoPath??? 



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I can't see the logic of this if there is no facility to share with anyone you want (both internal and external contacts).

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Hi All, 

I have to concur with BrentITSS...

1. The very nature of EFFECTIVE collaboration is that it MUST include ALL relevant collaborators. 
2. The very nature of EFFECTIVE collaboration TOOLS is that they MUST empower ALL relevant collaborators. 

3. Office 365's true POWER - what really SEPARATES IT from its current competition - is the ability to invite CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS into o365-hosted project sites so that entire project teams (comprised of <in my situation> consultants, developers, customers and partners) CAN actually collaborate (communicate, share, task and track) with each other - quite often for the FIRST TIME EVER using tools other than conference calls and !@#$%^& email; 

4. POWER APPS are perceived by many (including me) as ADDITIONAL collaboration tools embedded within the larger collaboration "fabric" that is now Office365 (ie SharePoint online); 

5. While there ARE benefits to be gained by creating PowerApps "applets" (we need a term here guys!) which are ONLY available to subscribing o365 members...

... there is MORE power to be derived from CONTINUING to extend not merely Office365 (SharePoint Online) to "external users" but to also extend POWER APPS APPLETS to these selfsame users 🙂 


IF the vast majority of PowerApps applets are really going to end up being simply mobile-friendly mechanisms for ADDING/CHANGING/DELETING items in SHAREPOINT LISTS in SHAREPOINT ONLINE WEBSITES, then it's arguably FOOLISH to DENY access to these apps to the external users who we (the o365 subscribers PROMOTING use of SharePoint Online) NEED to be feeding all these lists ! 



-Mark Vogt

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I also agree, the need to invite external to complete forms is a must. Just a FYI this can be acheived using K2 today where you can expose a anonymous form to end users and have the data written into any backend ( CRM, SharePoint, SAP etc. ). You can also use PowerApps and Flow in conjunction with K2.

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I would like to see this feature also. Customers do not want to pay for a second O365 (or indeed a first one) account to access information through a self created app.


It will also create confusion because if users can get it wrong they will! So they will try to log on with there or personal or their companies account! In the same way that you can share data in Sharepoint with external people, so you should be able to share PowerApps.

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Same request - I only found out that we couldn't share our finished file after spending the day learning the software and creating an app.

If over-sharing is a worry, please could you allow each app to be shared with just a small number of clients (20 emails?).

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It was only after I'd spent time learning and working on an app that I realized I can't share this with anyone outside of my team. 


I think I'd be satisfied if external users were limited to "User" permissions on the app. We frequently hire contractors who aren't given licenses to use PowerApp through our organization.


It'd be excellent if I could publish the app to be "used" by them while reserving the "contributor" permissions for our licensed full time users. 


Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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This is an essential requirement for data collection from guests. Collecting data from third parties is surely one of the highest priority use cases for a forms solution.


Any news on this since it was marked under review 3 weeks ago?