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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Awesome news


@tpatel wrote:



Please add feature sharing apps with external users




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What will the licensing model be for PowerApps embedded into Power BI reports that are deployed to Power BI Premium Capacity (specifically App Owns Data scenarios)?

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Would be great if this was implemented same way it is implemented on Power BI.  Also would be great if the more premium pricing allowed free users like Power BI.

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I can’t find anything about Guest Access on the roadmap MS PowerApps Planned Features . So please confirm that this will not be implemented in first half of the year?


My personal opinion and frustration about this kind of solutions: Guest Access for working with external users is a important function for our new world of work. So MS please understand this and built all your solutions so that this isn’t a features that needs years to be implemented. And if you want to earn money. Okay I fully understand. Then offer special guest licenses for your solutions. 

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I understand your frustration since this is one of our top asked features. We are actively working on it. It won't be Generally Available by April but it will be part of our Oct release note so please look out for it. If you are interested in being an early adopter, please drop me a mail. 




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@linhtran Hi Linh, did you mean May rather than Oct? 🙂 Otherwise, quite a stretch.

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We will have a private preview and public preview dates earlier than Oct. Exact dates are still to be determined. 

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This is great news ! 

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Thanks for the update . We are eagerly waiting for  'external access all' feature. Currently we have many great ideas on hold because of the inability to invite external users.