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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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@EvanChakiMSFT Nice to hear it has started and hope it would not be glue-footed! Could you shed more light into the process - how it will work? most importantly WHEN?


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Very interested in this, too.  Especially if there's an option to have, perhaps, a single seat/license to be used for "non-authenticated" (public) users.


Great thing. We can't wait to have this capablity

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Hi all

When I first bought Dynamics 365 Enterprise, I thought I could use PowerApps to create a mobile communication link to my B2C and B2B customers and users of my products. They need it, and I need it.

However,I son found out that ONLY persons INSIDE my own organization were allowed to use my PowerApps. We are a small company with few employees, and we do not need the PowerApps internally (yet). 

I am now forced to create a customer web portal, which can be used on all platforms. This is not at all the same and des not give the good user experience as with PowerApps.

I can create a stunning PowerApp in 30 minutes. Now I am forced to spend days and weeks to create a Dynamics web Portal, and pay a license for each portal on top of it. 


I hope that Microsoft will prioritize to give users outside the organization free access to PowerApps solutions. Not to create, but to use them.

It could very well be the new killer-app, if Microsoft would ust let the power free.

It would take a big chunk of all the world's mobile app development, as it is easy to use, easy to create apps and works seamlessly with back office applications. It's integrated with all you need as a business!!!


Let the force (and power) be with you.

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Will this feature allow external users use SharePoint connector within PowerApps?

Company has SharePoint site which allows external users and they see the lists and libraries. 

Will external users be able to access customized list forms with PowerApp?

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It's fine, that this feature is started meanwhile. We also need an urgent information, when it will be available. Thanks!

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FYI - CDS for Portals is now in preview.  Essentially spin up a CDS environment and from there you can provision an externally facing web application that has the ability for end users to read and interact with data from the Common Data Service.


Is it the equivalent to making a canvas based PowerApp available to end users?  Not by a long shot.  However, surfacing model driven forms and views is not hard, it does take a few steps.  


This technology is based on the Dynamics 365 Portals.  There is a decent overview on MS Learn on how to setup and configure web apps using this technology.


Still early days.

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Atleast make it available for SSO. 

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Yes, echoing the comments from above. Ideally, a client or customer interface allowing them to:

1. provide feedback on services provided on site

2. collect relevant data prior to or during services provided

   a. On-site physical surveys

   b. Requests for service

   c. Others


The client becomes the data collector for info pertaining to their request and this gets passed to Sharepoint, Common Data Services, etc. for further relevant processing.



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this strange limitation renders the otherwise pretty slick platform useless in many scenarios.