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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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This is bonkers.  I was looking at using PowerApps for a Student Learning Platform within our organisation but I'm now seeing that the sharing limitations will add a layer of constraint that isn't compatible with my users' practise.   Fix needed for this for sure.

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This was "Started" in July of 2016, can we please have an update on this?

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Super User


@Audrie-MSFTis there any progress on this VERY IMPORTANT missing feature?

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is there any progress on this VERY IMPORTANT missing feature?

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Update on this feature please - the ability to use customised forms with our external partners is essential and will hugely hinder our adoption of SharePoint Online

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SO inconvenient that this licensing nonesense is in place. Combined with the fact that Sharepoint list date pickers STILL don't work in Teams, but PowerApps custom forms do. Means any external users can't properly edit list items without typing out dates, this makes the whole (highly touted) sharepoint list integration in Teams half-baked as far as end users are concerned.

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We have a modern team site where external user access is enabled. We have given contribute access to external users to a list on this site. This lists form is customized using PowerApps. 

Internal users can access the form with no issues however external users are not able to use this customized PowerApp list form.

Technically speaking this is a collaboration bug in PowerApps, because if an external user has contribute access to a list then no matter using what that list form is customized, they should have access to the form as they have access on the list iteself.

@EvanChakiMSFT could you please update on the timeline to fix this bug?

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I see i can let an external user fill a form in FORMS. But if i cannot give a POWERAPP to an external user it is only a HALFPOWERAPP, wasting a lot of it's potential? 🙂


If it is a licensing/money issue - it would be intersting to have an option "10 concurrent external users" for the powerapps builder, instead of bothering all potential external users with this licensing stuff in advance ..

Power Apps

The PowerApps team is actively working on enabling sharing Canvas PowerApps with guests of an organization. More details will be shared in June. In the meantime, please, continue to follow product updates on the PowerApps blog. 

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Hello @alaugMSFT , Thanks for the update. You had mentioned that more details will be shared in June. Could you also tell us when exactly you hope to release this feature. We also need to do some planning on our part. If it is not going to be ready in time for our summer releases, we need to look at alternative solutions. Hope you understand.