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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Agreed. Having PowerApps externally accessible would be great and would enable so many more use cases. 


You can however combine PowerApps, Flow and Microsoft Forms for a pseudo externally facing app experience as long as you can get around some limitations with Microsoft Forms. I recently posted a tutorial video that explains how to do it -


Hope this help!

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Due this issue I have lost already some business.  The possibility to share with externals schould be high priority.

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Egads, just like most folks here I created this nice form and now I found out no external users can even use it. Grr...

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Come on Microsoft STILL NO progress on this request? I love using Powerapps but because of the external user sharing restriction I've had to resort to other app builders like "Appsheets" and Zoho to share with external users, how is it these small companies can give people options of sharing within the organisation and outside the organisation (including publishing apps in Google Playstore and Apple Store)? These companies are no way as big as Microsoft but they got this sharing part RIGHT!

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Hi - I can see that this is started, but I can't see reference to it on the PowerApps roadmap.  can you confirm the timeframes for this feature as we need it for sharing data input applications to external users.

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Four years later and the drongos still haven't implemented this critical feature!


I was about to purchase a handfull of o365 subscriptions for my team, but now that I know we can't share our apps with external clients, Powerapps is worse than useless to us!


Looks like we'll have to take our buisness elsewhere.


Heck we'd be better off building a webapp from scratch!


P.s. If anyone knows about an alternative product, post a link.

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@PowerappsTester and any others looking for sharing with external users, please check out our product "Sintel Forms for SharePoint". We have added External Submissions (permit external users with no access to your Office 365 tenant to submit forms) and External Collaboration (permit external users with no access to your Office 365 tenant to submit and subsequently edit forms they submitted using a system generated PIN). We also have a mobile app to permit offline form submissions. More info here:

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Well guys,


I started this thread quite some time ago. Having worked in the industry for more than 20 years and seeing what Windows 10 has become, I am fairly hacked off with MS. Why do we get data collection and adverts on a paid for OS? Why doesn't MS listen to their customers?


I have just spent a couple of years working with high tech companies in Cambridge (UK) and have installed hundreds of Linux boxes. We have got to the situation where there are just a couple of app's we need on Windows and these are deployed on a windows laptop. We integrate these into Active Directory, but that is not essential as SAMBA does a lot of this for us.


I personally, have moved to Linux Mint on my PC and there are only 2 applications I need, that are not available in Linux and these I use very infrequently.


Using O365, Evolution and various other Linux app's, I only need to boot into Windows once or twice a month, at most.


I'm currently building a Linux server on an old HP Micro Server (for testing) and expect our business to be fully Linux or cloud based, within a couple of months.


Our email/calendars are via O365 and Evolution deals with that, without any issues at all. As most companies are offering web based access to their offerings, Chromium provides a way of presenting that as an application.


So, we are adopting a Linux based solution instead of Windows, it is proving to be faster, more reliable and less prone to viruses etc. So job done! 


@Microsoft, I'm not sure if you actively look at this thread, but there is a reliable and great alternative..... it's free and does not steal your personal data...


If anyone wishes to look into alternatives to MS, that are supported by hundreds of dedicated programmers, just give me a shout! I'm not an expert, but want an OS that is just that and not a data harvesting, advert dispalying excuse.


Sorry guys, minor rant over!


As a first step to see if you could switch to Linux, look at what you do behind the scenes, such as databases, file sharing, email, graphics, CAD and so on, and look at how a lot of this can be done for free!


Best regards,



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Hi @PowerappsTester 
For the time being, I am using Plumsail form.

We bought the one-shot $500 licence, I have now my customised forms per group of users (internal and external).
It is definitively doing the job.

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MS should just put InfoPath in open source and let some other folks solve the problem they have chosen to not solve.