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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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@aschaefer , @JoSteiner , @DM2018 - The ability to share a canvas app is part of 2019 wave 2 and it's different from PowerApps Portal. The release note for sharing a canvas app is here: 

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@alaugMSFT , what about customized SharePoint Online list forms through PowerApps? When will those be accessible to external users?

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@alaugMSFT , just to confirm, the external user that you will be able to share the canvas app with still needs to have a Microsoft account with the same Plan that the app was created with, correct?


So if I had a business app, with complex business logic built in, that I wanted my customers to be able to download and use on their phones, that is still not at all on the roadmap. The best case is that I can build a PowerApps portal that connects to a simple form.

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@iDrive , please stay tuned. There will be a blog posted soon when this is supported. 


@SeanHenderson - the user must have an account that is supported by Azure AD B2B, B2C external collaboration. This includes Azure AD accounts (that may exist in different tenants) and this includes Microsoft Accounts (like '').  The user must have the appropriate license assigned to run the app (Included with Office, PowerApps plan 1 or PowerApps plan 2). 


In 2019 release wave 2 you'll be able to share a canvas app with users. Model driven apps can already be shared with guests of an Azure AD tenant. 

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@alaugMSFT , Thank you for the response but can you provide anything more substantial than "soon". Our customers are really running out of patientice with issues like this (some 3 years now) and have already talked about moving away from the platform. Why isn't this something tracked (and updated) on the SharePoint Roadmap as well? No reason we should need to keep track of when a new blog post is put up when things could easily be updated on a central roadmap to keep us all informed. Hopefully you understand where everyone's frustration on this thread is coming from. 

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@alaugMSFT When will this be supported? It would be nice to get an actual date. I cannot believe external access to customised (via PowerApps) forms in SharePoint is not supported!?


I have been putting off using the modern ui due to limitations around customisations as Classic gives you free range. I find a project that I thought would suit the modern ui nicely, created a custom list and then customised the form using PowerApps (as promoted by Microsoft) to find that guest users cannot create an item in the list!


There should be a warning on the button "Customise Forms" at the very least.



This article states that you will be able to share apps that are embedded in SharePoint lists (customized SharePoint list forms) with users that are outside of your tenant.  August 2019 for Public Preview and October 2019 for GA.


This should be the answer folks have been waiting for.

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@airdouglas thank you. Smiley Happy

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Many thanks !

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This feature is critical to our app! Thank you 🙂  #URGENT.