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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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brilliant Smiley Happy

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Can the 'PowerApps Portal' be turned off at a tenant level??

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At the very least, access should be allowed to apps that consume data that already exists and do not add to or change the data.  Operate guests in read-only mode.

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I just went through the new proposed pricing for powerapps and it is so complicated. No wonder users continue to use excel which is so convenient for data input, output and has a robust progamming (VBA) behind it ,has the built in  incredible  power query & M language , and integrates well with the other office products. It does have its faults but compared to the difficulties with powerapps, like sharing with external users etc, it is so much better and looks like powerapps has a very long way to go . 

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very important

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@alaugMSFT do you know when this will be available in preview this month?

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Guest access to canvas apps is now available to be used by all users.
The feature is in public preview while a few incremental changes are worked on prior to general availability in October. There will be a blog post announcing public preview next week. However, by following the updated canvas app sharing documentation you can enable sharing with guests:
Note, be sure to check for updates to the documentation - it will be updated as a few more pieces of functionality light up. 
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Thanks @alaugMSFT . I've followed the steps, however the guest user is being asked to sign up for a PowerApps trial. Even though they have a license in their own tenant. The guidance you sent says this "Prior to General Availability of canvas app guest access, guests with a PowerApps license in their home tenant won’t need to be assigned a license in the tenant they’re a guest." Should this read "After General Availabity" guest users need to be assigned a license in the host tenant, even if they have their own?

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@DM2018 - To clarify, right now, a license must be assigned in the tenant the app being shared is in. In a few weeks, that won't be required if the user has a license in their home tenant. 

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A must to quickly/cheaply test products being developed during pilot without a larger spend on more complex commercial solutions/designs if the pilot is successful.