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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Dear Colleagues at Microsoft,


Wishing you a very Happy, Productive 2018 full of Health and Innovation.


Could you please let us know your strategy, opinion, ideas or workaround regarding the above "Share PowerApps with external users"?


Kind Regards,




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Hello everybody, is there a chance that there is at least someone who can say if this idea is dumped or at least under investigation?
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We also need this badly for one of our customers.

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Scenario: Office 365 organiation A provide services to Office 365 organization B (Supplier > Customer relationship). Both Office 365 organizations subscribe ALL their users to PowerApps (yes, this is theorietical!) Got the picture?

OK, so you see where I'm going....

Organization A have developed a cool PowerApps app to collect data (including phone camera shots) of onsite jobs. Organization B submit such data to organization A regularly. "Hey!" says Brian - a staff member from organization A - "why don't we just give you permission to user our PowerApp?"

Both organizations ARE paying the FULL possible PowerApp subscriptions to Microsoft.

Exam question: Is Brian's suggested idea possble? (Please show your working out, explaining the logic behind this shoot-yourself-in-the-foot policy of Microsoft)



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I have abandoned the idea of powerapps altogether.  I am investigating other avenues.  It is unfortunate that this option is not available.  I believe it will be simpler to use Visual Studio to create an app, but I am still working on getting a prototype out.  Data storage will be another issue that needs to be addressed.



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We alsou would like this. 

Students could see in what class their lesson is.

Loging in would make it to hard for them to be useful....

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Is this problem solved or no?

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@klawat still not. And there is no certainty that the issue will be solved at all.

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@ jusper so in this case power app is useless , I waste my time for learning it and develop apps contain forms and at the end of the day I found it's crap

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I have Forms that users from outside of my org have to fill it, so this is big problem for me.I don't know why microsoft doing that by not allowing to unliciened users to use the app generated.