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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Without this feature we are losing big time on PowerApps

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It's really weird. Microsoft develops this incredible tool, but then limits it to only be used internally in an organization. I guess we should be grateful, that Outlook is able to communicate with external users... Smiley Happy

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Hi Henrik Juul,

very good comment. Let's rename the PowerApps to InPowerApps 🙂


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It’s about as useful as Blackboard’s pos learning management system annotation app.  I had high hopes fir power apps but I bet this is another tenency issue. 

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Dear fellow PowerApps sufferers,

Microsoft is making this VERY confusing. (At least for a non-IT professional like me.) Do we now know if PowerApps (when finished) will be available to external guest-users (of SharePoint) without fees or additional licenses? 

I am running a SharePoint site to collaborate with other parents of our school in order to organize school projects and exchange information (parents for parents) using a "Business Essentials" and "Office 365" subscription. Without (free of charge) customizable Data entry forms, we will not achieve the user engagement and acceptance we hope for. 

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We are in the process of licensing O365 for our entire University (>28000 licensed users). I was excited about the PowerApps forms until I realized that non-licensed users could not even interact with them. Unfortunately, situations arise where an external professor, or potential student (not in our organization) needs to interact with one of our systems.


The ability to allow external users to provide information through forms is essential for us. We are happy to pay for licenses, however it is impossible to get licenses for every potential student and other possible form user. 

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I've given up on Microsoft. Our company won't be renewing our subscription to office 360. We have gone with Google docs. They have forms too which can automatically download results onto a spreadsheet. And users don't need a Google account to interact with the forms or view/edit docs.

Google is winning it for us!!

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For those needing to collect info from external users, take a look at this:


For those needing users to interact and transact data, take a look at this:


The CDS Starter portal is a way to have external, non-licensed users create, read, update and even delete data in a Common Data Service database.


If you are working with PowerApps on any level, you really need to learn and understand CDS (Common Data Service).


While building a PowerApp and exposing it to the world is a neat idea, it doesn't solve every use case and there are alternatives from Microsoft.



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Community Champion

With so many urgent requests for this feature, can the PowerApps team give some update on the progress? It has remained in STARTED status for too long. What's happening and WHEN will be able to try a preview of this? Answers needed URGENTLY.