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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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This is by no means meant to defend Microsoft, because I too have posted here previously about the lack of collaboration within powerapps...unless you are prepared to pay$$$.  Which is what I had to do.  and even then...the clumsy authentication steps your poor clients have to go through if enough for them to say they just won't use the app...why bother.

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Please MS, don't ignore us. Just tell us something!
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same request, needed for control agency team productivity

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Well, the way is go to another App builder, shame of you MS.

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I am investigating options for a simple app that will allow basic data entry along with pictures (saved to a varbinary in SQL.)  This functionality is available in Appsheet as far as I can tell. 

I have also setup a (free) MS Azure database for storage of this data and for some other database testing.  MS Azure SQL databases are not really working as expected either, as the same kind of user login restrictions appear to be in place. 

My feeling is that MS is trying to lock these systems (Azure and powerapps) down to valid MS logins. In my case this would be the users that are in my domain.  This is very limiting. 

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has there been any response to this idea?


Any planned development around it, or is this not a feature they will be looking to implement?


As we were thinking to do an app on our website for anyone to use a calculation tool


thanks in advance

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For us, it makes sense to investigate other options besides Microsoft.  The issue for me is that they require a microsoft sign-in to use their systems.  In my case I have tested Azure SQL as well as a PowerApp briefly.  I need a basic app that does not require a domain or Microsoft account sign-in.  A PowerApp might work for internal domain users well, but for my purposes it is not going to fly. 

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I know that different tenants users lives in different context but if MS wanto to say that have a real B2B solution with Office 365 have to solve this problem. External users have to be able to use the powerapps.

One param extra in powerapps app on the phone to say what tenant yuu want to connect and different pages for the power apps you can use. 

On the back end a lot work I know. But I want to be otptimistic MS guys im sure are working on it.




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I’m also voting for this idea. Is there any updates from PowerApps team?
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This is fundamental to being able to use PowerApps, we already have a customer waiting and willing to purchase our app, but we cant share it!! We are already looking al alternatives, and we will just dump PowerApps as soon as we are done, if this functionality is not delivered.


Come on MS we all know that there is no technical reason for this and it’s purely commercial, and you just haven’t worked out a way to charge all users for it.