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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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@aschaefer, what does that mean for SharePoint forms customized through PowerApps?

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Good Heavens... finally forward motion.  Only takes 3 years...  Most of our internal teams have almsot fully adopted the lower Google platform offerings.  Ugh.  Maybe too late for this but if it is done right, might have the chance to do that.

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@dsever04 I only have the information on that link, so I have no idea.

Helper I

Here's a video on PowerApps Portals. If you skip to 50 minutes you'll see that this actually won't allow us to share PowerApps with external users. Very dissapointed!

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After I watched the video and am also very surprised and disappointed, that Microsoft is not able to take all the user voices in account and provide the possibility to share canvas apps to external users. 


This isn't what all of us expected!

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@JoSteiner No, they quote this thread at the start of the video as being the most voted idea. We aksed for the ability to share PowerApps externally, instead they gave us a new product to build websites and embed simple forms within it. Portals don't seem to have any of the PowerApps functionality, so not sure why they have branded them as PowerApps or a solution to this problem

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This isn't a solution, this is a distraction from their complete lack of ability to make a complete product. Microsoft can't commit to anything, every solution is released incomplete and slowly abandoned in favor of another worse idea with less features and we're completely ignored.


I've done my time at Microsoft, while supporting the SharePoint development team I realized a couple of things:

They are outsourcing the actual development outside of Redmond.

They are understaffed.

They don't test anything internally, they've outsourced that to us.


I'm going to start recommending Nintex to my customers for form solutions. It may cost more but you get more support.

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So according to the presentation given on this, there is also a feature that has been announced to be able to give guest access to PowerApps (See: at 50:15ish he says this.) Does anyone else have any more info about THAT feature, which would actually be an answer to this ticket??


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@aschaefer Yes, you can find more information here:  but basically sharing with external users (who are in your AAD) will be possible in October.