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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Please add external user functionality 

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I'm lead developer for a medium sized community college. In a typical year we have 20,000 students attend classes and more like 30,000 students touch our system. (Some decide not to come, but they need access to our systems.)

Our goal is to go paperless. We would like to make forms for things like prerequisite appeals, loss of priority registration appeals, etc . . . so that everything can be handled electronically. The typical student is going to submit a handful of forms each year, I'm thinking 5. Requiring a $7 a month license for 30,000 users is way out of our budget. Moreover, allowing them to be external users would allow them to submit interest forms and etc . . . before they are formal users in our system.

Not allowing external users access to submit simple forms is taking away a capability in InfoPath, and I can't select InfoPath because it is EOL.

I guess I've got to go with Formstack?

@helixgreen you might be better off using Microsoft Forms


If you need workflows per submission/form you can combine this with Microsoft Flow which has a Forms connector.

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Unfortunately, this is a chronic problem with most Office 365 apps, poor integration with external users. The other factor has to do with the mandatory requirement to sign-in with a Microsoft account (email). Many people are hesitant to, or don't have the time, to open a Microsoft account. Hopefully, Microsoft will understand, sometime soon, the importance of resolving these issues.



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Like to know status
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is it so hard to get a roadmap? For teams they did, and look, there it is since recently... support for external users... The result is that we use it only for prototyping ideas, get them approved, and then ... unfortunately jump to another dev environment. Pitty!

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This feature would be very helpful, can we get a roadmap?

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"under review", a synonym for not likely to happen. It has been too long "under review". I gave up.

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I gave up too.  

So had to purchse K1 licenses for about 10 folks outside my org so they could use the app.  

The set-up is painful.

Shame on you Microsoft!

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Shame indeed.


This is a 'duh' application request.  Not sure why it was even left out of release one, let alone the existing version.


The built applications should work with WHOMEVER has security rights for whatever level on the given data sources that are connected.   Even if it's 'view' only, the edit functions shouldn't work (like buttons with submit code should auto-gray out, etc.) .


C'mon guys, stop making cool stuff only to hamstring it by lack of attention or attempting to nurse some money out of it.  We pay for our development licenses to use the product, now let us serve the people we need to use the product with, otherwise it's useless and you get a 'fail' no matter how cool it is.