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Share with external users



Please add feature sharing apps with external users



Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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WAIT, WHAT???  I just finished building an app and most of the users it is intended for are O365 Guest users.  Am I understanding this right?  O365 guest users that have access to the MS Team that I am running the Powerapp in won't be able to use the app?  Please tell me this isn't the case, please tell me my guest users will be able to use the powerapp.  If they can't I am in on hell of tight spot.  

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I run a non-profit and we have data in an excel spreadsheet that I was hoping to share with our members and other end users through an app - more easily searchable and results shown in a more comprehensive manner.  I have 800 members, they can't be charged $7 a month just for this one feature and our organization can't afford to cover this for members. 


This is too bad, because I really thought I had found something useful and watched a few webinars, etc.  but didn't see how to share this with end users, etc. 


Well, now I know that it won't work for us. 


Perhaps Microsoft could come up with a version for non-profit and/or member based groups.

Thank you,


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"Under Review" seems to mean "ignoring you"

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I can't believe that the old Extranet concept it is not possible to be realised within the Power Apps. It is a must if we can consider Power Apps and O365 as a collaborative and B2B platforms.

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They won't even answer us about this.  

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I am trying the free version of AWS to see if their SQL server is more flexible.  The Azure SQL server was tied to my domain, which does not allow user logins other than domain logins.  My test bed was SQL express, which did not meet my neeeds.  The Client Access License (CAL) concentric nature of SQL Server is a potential limitation to allowing web-users into your SQL server to read and write data.  I am sure that SQL Web version does not have this limitation.

The PowerApps functionality is apparently tied to CALs just like other MS products (including SQL server) so I have the feeling it is inflexible by design.  I have no clue if MS intends to allow a power-app to talk with SQL Web in the future, but MS's CAL-based web development tools are being surpassed in the wild by other, more forward-thinking companies.

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As external access is possible in Microsoft Teams and PowerApps apps can be added to Microsoft Teams it seems to be a major issue that it isn't possible to share PowerApps apps externally

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For those of you who unsatisfied with such a restriction of forms created with Power Apps, I can suggest taking a look at Plumsail Forms designed specifically for SharePoint modern pages and public sites. They are available for any users including guests or even anonymous users if you design a form for a public site and create a SharePoint item in Microsoft Flow with the help of our connector.


Our forms support all SharePoint fields including taxonomy, multi-user and choice, and attachments in both modes, reading and writing. 


Also, our forms are fully responsive since they are built with bootstrap and allows you to provide completely unique layout for different devices - phones, tablets, and PCs.

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I strogly agree to add this as new feature soon.

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69 developer request comments so far to deploy to external users.

Zero response comments from Microsoft.

A deafening silence!