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SharePoint Choice - Fill in option

Well it seams like when PowerApps was created as the new custom form for SharePoint somehow the ability to have fill in options for Choice fields was forgotten. 


I see there are requests people have entered for This option but I don't know that anyone created an "New Idea" for it since that was requested even yesterday.


To me this is a show stopper for a number of forms I am creating for SharePoint. I really hope this can be implemented soon.

Status: New
Helper I

Was anyone able to get this working and save to the SharePoint list when the SharePoint list doesn't have a toggle for "Allow Fill-in choices"?

Helper III

How can I modify this so that it allows a fill-in option but it doesn't save it for future use?


Also, how do I remove data that is already saved? I did a few tests like test1, test2, test3 and now they are all stuck