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SharePoint Choice - Fill in option

Well it seams like when PowerApps was created as the new custom form for SharePoint somehow the ability to have fill in options for Choice fields was forgotten. 


I see there are requests people have entered for This option but I don't know that anyone created an "New Idea" for it since that was requested even yesterday.


To me this is a show stopper for a number of forms I am creating for SharePoint. I really hope this can be implemented soon.

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Thank you for the solution!!!

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is it true that : If(Not IsBlank(DataCardValue.Selected); DataCardValue.Selected;{Value: DataCardValue.SearchText; '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"})


is only possible with a premium subscription because of the azure connector?

Advocate V

No, the important part is "Sharepoint", so a premium connector is not needed for that.

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This is the result I get. (was the reason to wonder about the connectors.)

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"DataCardValue" has to be the real name of the control you use. Could be "DataCardValue1", "DataCardValue26" (or whatever was set automatically as the name)


My advice: always rename all the controls you use inside PowerApps to "human readable" names. So for example when you want to select cars, you could name the DataCard "CarDataCard" and the dropdown control "CarDropDown" or "CarDataCardValue" (or whatever you like)

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In my case it is dacatacard 1.

Even with this changed I get an error about the IF statement.

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Advocate II

You don't want to use DataCard1, if you click on the update field you will see "DataCardValue#. Selected"


Also, where are you putting that IF statement? You want to drop it into the update field inside the datacard Advanced -> More Options


Where you have DataCard1 you want to have DataCardValue#, make sure that you're changing the ; to , as well.


So it should look like so: 

  If(Not IsBlank(DataCardValue#.Selected), DataCardValue#.Selected,{Value: DataCardValue#.SearchText, '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"})

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It works!
  If(Not IsBlank(DataCardValue1.Selected); DataCardValue1.Selected;{Value: DataCardValue1.SearchText; '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"})

Was the solution. strangely the connector stays red but there is no error message and the list is updating with the desired text.


Thank You!


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The only remaining problem: Multiple sellect does not work for the own text. Multi sellecting one of the predifined itims in combination with own input seems not to be possible. I guess this is because of the if is blank statement, is there a way arround this?


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After saving the form with the own input selecting more than one option is possible.