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SharePoint Contact List as a Compatible Data Source for PowerApps

Some businesses use the Contact list type in SharePoint as a primary means of managing business contacts. It allows users to foward contact cards, as well as other featuers not built in to Custom Lists in SharePoint.


It would be awesome if the Contacts app in SharePoint could be a valid data source for PowerApps, as having easier access to that data on the fly would be huge. Having those contacts in an easily digestible format, with the ability to have more control over the interface from an administrative standpoint, would be a big step forwaord for small to medium size businesses with many mobile users.

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
New Member

Still not possible to generate an App from a SharePoint Contact list ?

Advocate I

This is something our company is looking for as well. We hoped for a contact list to be based on Sharepoint because of its interoperability with Outlook, but with all of the added options and intelligence and managament from Sharepoint. I found it disappointing that I can't use the list as a source in PowerApps yet!


It's consumable via the Microsoft Graph in the beta, so I hope you will hook that up soon!

Advocate I

Wow thank you! This can actually be considered as COMPLETED now after today's update that supports adding a list via Sharepoint connector by typing in its name, when it's not there by default (like the contacts weren't). Didn't expect this would roll out that fast, awesome!

New Member

Guys I hope you are listening to us. This functionality is very important right now we have to bypass this with workflows and it is not cool.


Advocate I

@BhutiMIt is possible for few months now! You only have to type in the list name in the PowerApps studio in the Sharepoint List connector manually, it won't show up in the list to choose from, but there is a way to type it in and it works just fine!

Helper II

@kumbol I cannot get it to work. I connect to my SharePoint site then at "Choose a List" I Enter a custom list name at the bottom but I receive an error. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

New Member

I actually did get mine working. So it does work. Just ensure the name of the list is correct when you type it in. Unfortunately it doesn't come as option but when you type it in it does work and also ensure you are in the correct subsite or site where that list is created.


Good luck.

Helper II

@BhutiM Thanks for the response. I enter the name in as it is shown in Site Contents and I receive this error.


Unable to get property 'tableName' of undefined or null reference

Session ID: 9a658c4d-e436-4519-842e-cd5aaadd3a15


I've also tried using the the name from the address bar with '%20' for the spaces.