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SharePoint Content Types - PowerApps integration

to be able to have different powerapps forms for different content types in sharepoint list. so that all  can merge into a single item.  

Status: Under Review

Thank you for this idea. Although this is not currently on our roadmap, we invite the community to continue voting on this feature as we consider feasibility for upcoming releases. @KeremY 



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This would be incredibly useful and I think this functionality should consider to be able to design the PowerApps form for a ContentType from the Content Type Hub.


Say you have a ContentType called "Received Invoice" which navigates through different document libraries following a customized workflow implemented with Power Automate and PowerApps. 

The form could be at Content Type Hub level so that no matter where the "Received Invoice" is, the user can input the data in the desired format and using the desired data from other resources (such as database with provider info)

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Would really like to see Content Types supported too. Our team uses several content types in our Doc Lib, and this support would be great. 

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Meanwhile I worked on one alternate approach (as a workaround) in Power Apps for SharePoint Content Types. Detailed steps are mentioned in my article here:

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pretty obvious that we need support for content types. powerapps list forms are rather useless without it.