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SharePoint Custom Form - allow designer control of Save/Cancel buttons

When customizing a SharePoint form for a list, the designer needs to have control over the "Save and Cancel" buttons that appear in SharePoint to

  • Label them as we please (e.g. so that we can set "Save" to be something custom, like "Submit")
  • Change Icons
  • Hide the "Customize" and "Copy Link" buttons
  • Hide the button bar all together, so that we can instead put our own "Submit" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom of the form if we want to. Creating a custom "Submit" button works fine at the moment, but a custom Cancel Button does not close the SharePoint form - it seems to do nothing

Mockups demonstrating the end outcomes that could be achieved:

SharePointButtons.PNGSharePoint form with customised buttonsSharePointFormsCustomButtons.pngSharePoint form with no buttons at top, using PowerApps buttons at bottom instead


Status: New
Level: Powered On

Need to be able to hide the default Sharepoint 'Save' button in PowerApps.

Level: Powered On

Does anybody know how to inject CSS to Powerapps on Sharepoint Online, so that I can hide the default Save button and default Cancel button for now?


Level: Power Up
Need to be able to hide default sharepoint Save/Cancel buttons. Thanks
Level: Powered On

We need to be able to hide default SharePoint Save, Cancel and Customize buttons. Thank you.

Level: Powered On
Need to be able to hide save /cancel and customize from the users, when the form goes live for submission
Level: Powered On

If we are to migrate clients InfoPath forms to PowerApps Custom Forms and still have a nice user experience of the 'flyout' then we need to be able to hide the 'save / cancel' and use custom ones in the PowerApp.