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SharePoint Custom forms should be responsive

In my experience this is difficult to impossible to make SharePoint custom forms responsive with PowerApps. There's no scale to fit option there.

I wish Microsoft would change it! Many of my users work exclusively off of desktops, but some also use tablets. We also have many students who strongly prefer mobile. I don't think it's sufficient for to say use PowerApps custom apps for mobile experiences, and custom forms for desktop usage from SharePoint. We should be able to create forms from SharePoint that work well across devices.

Status: New
Advocate I

I usually use tablets and mobile devices, but I'm having trouble getting SharePoint custom forms to display in a width that is consistent with the device.
I would like to see this request implemented !

Regular Visitor

I wish I could give this 100 votes!
In 2022 this should be considered a BUG!

Frequent Visitor

This would be a very useful feature

I am currently using 2 versions of pretty much the same form to try and deal with this - the form on my list is set to something like 320*640 and has a handful of options the full app has then once they click a button it launches the responsive app in another screen

Would be nice to just have one app that can sit on the list - the list form feels more user friendly and it would be good to fully use it