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SharePoint Online : Support "Managed Metadata" fields with people picker in PowerApps

It appears that currently "Managed Metadata" columns in SP are not supported by PowerApps. Is support for this column type on the roadmap? I am wondering why termstore related data is not by default supported by other Microsoft products. The PowerBI connector also does not support these column types, any specific reason?

Status: Completed
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Yes I would like this feature too

Why would I bother creating Managed Metadata if  I cant use in powerapps


Serious flaw 

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Yes, Much Agreed. MMD is going to be essential for use adoption for this!

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Anyone going to reply this post? I also just tried to create an app that has Metadata column and that is not editable on powerapps. I am able to read the data but when I edit, that column doesn't work.





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This is a known limitation. MMD(Managed metadata) field that that does not allow multiple values can be displayed in read mode. MMD fields cannot be edited.

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So technically it means if you plan to build PowerApps on top of your list, you must not use MMD. It's sad since MMD are very helpful classifying content.


with this limitations I wonder if there is an end of the line for MMD, unless Microsoft Is working on getting it sorted.





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This blog post from May 2016 indicates that they are "working" hard on it, and multiple other column types. I think that these column types are just technically much more difficult to implement for them and they prioritized the work in an "agile" way... But I agree that without MMD, there is not much I can do for my clients!

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This was the same in InfoPath as well sadly.  Full support for MMD fields is critical for implementing custom solutions on SharePoint lists.


Shows MMD support read only, single value fields.


+1 for this request

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+1 for this request.  This is really needed!

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Any further Update to this requirement?

is it planned to support Managed Metadata Columns?

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

This is still on the Product Team's radar. Although, we do not have a specific release date to share with you as of yet, please be assured it is not a forgotten ask.


Known issues to date are outlined here:


Thank you,