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SharePoint Online : Support "Managed Metadata" fields with people picker in PowerApps

It appears that currently "Managed Metadata" columns in SP are not supported by PowerApps. Is support for this column type on the roadmap? I am wondering why termstore related data is not by default supported by other Microsoft products. The PowerBI connector also does not support these column types, any specific reason?

Status: Completed
Power Automate

@MartinF We defnitely are committed to this on our roadmap. However, it is not scheduled within the next 3 months. I will keep you posted as we get closer to "started" status.


Thank you for your continued patience on this idea,


Power Apps
Status changed to: Started
Power Apps

Hi everyone, support for writing to managed metadata columns in PowerApps was just released to Office 365 First Release tenants last Monday. See our announcement here: Sorry about the confusion earlier.


We are planning to start releasing this to the rest of our customers starting next week, along with support for multi-value choice, people and lookup fields.



PowerBI uses a different path for accessing values, and they will not have this capability quite yet. But it is on our roadmap. 

Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed
Power Apps

The rollout of this feature is hapenning over the next week, it is already out for some users.

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MMD fields must be able to be copied along with the file that is being copied from one library to another. it is difficult enough to fill in a metadata field in the first place but to loose the data when you want to consolodate libraries into one across many site collections is really frustrating