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SharePoint Online : Support "Person or Group" fields with people picker in PowerApps

It appears that currently "Person or Group" columns in SP are not supported by PowerApps. Is support for this column type on the roadmap?

Status: Planned
Regular Visitor
I am also hitting a brick wall with using a SharePoint list with a Person. When I try to add this to the gallery, I am getting an error message. Maybe I am doing something wrong? PowerApps is totally useless to me if it cannot support a Person/Group, as this is used in many of my SharePoint lists. I have a list that users make an entry when they are out of the office either for PTO, Off-Site meeting, Work From Home, etc. I use the "Created By" person in SharePoint to show who made the entry (who will be out of the office). When I try to use "Created By" in the Gallery for "Title1", I get an error. ThisItem.'Created By'.DisplayName >> produces an error Am I doing something wrong, or is this not supported? Thanks, Dee