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SharePoint Online : Support "Person or Group" fields with people picker in PowerApps

It appears that currently "Person or Group" columns in SP are not supported by PowerApps. Is support for this column type on the roadmap?

Status: Planned

I'd be interested to know this as well.

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Yes and the ability to auto populate work email, phone, department, etc

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There should also be a choice to auto-fill the field with the login of the current user.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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@PaulF  Use the funcion  <<User().FullName>> to select the current user. i use this function to display hello for the current user.

I created a powerapps based off a list, and the people column works.

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How did you get it to work? It does show up on a form but when I am trying to edit the form and save it, it gives me an error List data validation failed.

Thank you,



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Hi @kkarmi,

The way I tested was to create a list in SP, then click the create powerapp from list button on the list itself. At least in this case the picker just worked. I have not tried to add a list as a datasource to an app I started from scratch.




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Mikael, PowerApps appear to treat the people column in SharePoint differently, depending on whether or not you have "allow multiple selections" selected (regardless of whether the field actually contains one or multiple people). I've been trying to filter a gallery to only display records which have the current user (user().fullname) in a people column in the list. I can't find a workaround. You also can't filter by SharePoint groups.
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Will this work for external users who email or only internal? I want to create a Flow where my internal users can forward an email to a shared mailbox and most of the contact info can auto-populate. Will this planned functionality service this requirement?