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SharePoint columns of 'person or group'-type missing

Currently with SharePoint lists only "primitive data types" are supported.

The 'people or group'-listtype is considered complex and not supported.


Please add 'people or group'-listtype support to PowerApps so that these columns can be used and called in PowerApps.


More info

Status: Completed
New Member

I upvote this x1000.

This is a must have feature of powerapps as filtering by logged on user is a common asked for feature.

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All content types should be available.  We cannot use most of our lists due to content type restrictions in PowerApps. 

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed
Advocate III
Advocate III

I see the status is changed to complete, but the functionality is still not there. Is there an update coming soon? Or if it is complete, how do we utilize?

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I still don't see lookup fields as an option to display on my galleries. Why?

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I needed this functionality badly!


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The Flow works fine with singe entry people picker fields but when the requirement is to post email to a group of selected people (multiselect people picker), its there flow fails to achieve that ... At least as of yet.


This feature should be added in powerapps at the earliest.


As the above feature is missing at the moment, I had to save the list of target emails to a text field and pass that in the email "To" field of the flow. It works that way but not the optimal way of doing this.

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I too need this feature.

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This is not Completed!


Even the 'more info' links to a forum thread of people complaining that it still does not work. And if it is completed, where it the documentation?