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SharePoint forms designer nastyness - don't resize controls and font size when changing screen size!

When first creating a SharePoint custom form, if you change the screen size, the controls resize themselves, and the fonts also change size.  Very frustrating, because then you have to go through each control in each datacard one by one, and then resize/reposition the controls.


Please see steps 1-4 in this post that describes how to replicate this issue:


Relevant screen shots:

Font size change to be REALLY small!Font size change to be REALLY small!Resizing of fonts means resizing of controls.  For EVERY control.Resizing of fonts means resizing of controls. For EVERY control.Resized controls inside Data CardsResized controls inside Data Cards

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New Member

I have the same issue.

Setting the font size in PowerApps is useless.

When you add the custom form to a sharepoint page (using a web part) the font size of any label or button is TINY.  It seems to be converted to 'vmin' units, and is be overridden by "font-size:properties.Size".


Why is this so?   Why do devs & designers not have the freedom & control to set basic stuff like this????!!!

New Member

how to increase the form height ?  does this will make all controls resize too ?